Early Admission

Who can apply for Early Admission?

If you are now completing your high school requirements for the first time at a Canadian high school, and are applying for admission to the Fall semester, you may be offered Early Admission.

Programs available to Early Admission applicants
that require High School prerequisites
High School Math Requirements

Early Admission is open to all high school applicants completing high school for the first time and currently enrolled in Canadian high schools. Early Admission is available to students currently studying at Canadian high schools under student visas, provided that acceptable proof of English Language Proficiency is provided by the Early Admission application deadline. Early Admission is not available to international students currently studying outside Canada.

When do you apply for Early Admission?

You are encouraged to apply by March 1. This is crucial for admission to certain quota programs (pre-Engineering and the B.Sc. in Environmental Science) and for certain scholarships. Applying early helps us to give you early notice of admission, early access to course selection, as well as the opportunity of settling your living arrangements.
  • For early admission, the interim document deadline of May 1, for Fall admission.
  • Note: If you are applying for B.N. (NESA) the application deadline is March 1. The interim document deadline is April 1.

How do you apply for Early Admission?

  1. Submit your Application for Admission
    This can be done online or by mailing a paper application (you need not mail the instructions that are included with the application). You will be required to
    • List all Grade 12 courses you have completed or plan to complete by June of the current school year.
    • Indicate your final marks for Grade 12 courses you have completed.
    • Estimate your marks for courses in progress and courses you plan to complete based on Grade 12 mid-term marks or Grade 11 final marks.

    Remember to include the application fee ($100 Cdn; $25 Cdn for Subsequent applications for readmission) and refer to the appropriate deadlines.

  2. Send your official transcripts
    In your last semester, request that your Department of Education send a final high school transcript to the University. Your high school counselling office should have these forms.

Although Early Admission can provide you with advanced admission, it is still necessary for you to work to achieve high grades on your last high school courses. Early Admission offers are guaranteed provided your final grades and average meet or exceed the admission requirement for the program of admission. The University reserves the right to rescind admission at any time if the student's final admission qualifications fall below the standards required for admission to the University.

There is no extra charge nor separate application needed to apply for Early Admission.

Which grades will be used to calculate your Early Admission average?

The Early Admission average is calculated using a combination of final and estimated Grade 12 blended grades. Self-reported grades: The applicant will provide final grades for Grade 12 courses already completed and estimate final grades for those courses still in progress. Grade 11 final grades may be used for subjects for which mid-term or final Grade 12 grades are not yet available. For example, if the applicant is currently registered in English Language Arts 30-1 for the first time and has received no interim or final grades, the grade obtained in English 20 will be used to compute the average.

If an applicant is not admissible based on self-reported grades, the Admissions Office will require interim transcripts in order for the Admissions Office to make the prediction of grades and final admission decision.

Official Transcripts

Early admission applicants must arrange for final high school transcripts to be forwarded directly to the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) from the provincial Department of Education by the August 1 preceding the semester of admission. If final grades are not received by that date, the University reserves the right to rescind admission.

When will you know?

  • An Offer of Admission will be sent, as soon as possible, if you have an Early Admission average of 65% or higher.
  • If you don’t have 65% in December, your application will be considered again in late February, once you send us a statement of your high school record with your Fall grades.
  • If you don’t have 65% in February, your application will be considered once again in late July, once we receive your final Department of Education transcript.
  • Until you are offered admission, we will consider new information about your grades.