Admission Routes

Admission routes are ways of categorizing different undergraduate students according to their academic qualifications. The UofL recognizes Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.

Which admission route fits you?

  • Early Admission
    You are currently completing high school requirements for the first time at a Canadian high school, and are applying for admission to the Fall semester.

  • High School
    You have completed required high school courses and fewer than 3 transferable* semester courses from universities or colleges. If you were primarily home schooled, click here.

  • New Transfer
    Your high school qualifications are sufficient and you have completed 3 or more transferable* courses; or you have completed 8 or more transferable* courses.

  • College Diploma
    You have completed an appropriate two- or three-year diploma at a college or technical institute, and are applying for a post-diploma degree program in Agriculture, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Fine Arts (Art, Dramatic Arts, Multidisciplinary, New Media or Music), Geography (with a Concentration in Geographical Information Science), Health Sciences (Addictions Counselling), Management, or Nursing.

  • Applied Degree
    You have completed an applied degree from a recognized college or technical institute in Alberta.

  • Previous Degree
    You have completed an approved degree comprised of 30 or more courses from a recognized university.

  • Standardized Test
    You have completed recognized tests of aptitude/achievement (e.g., SATs), and fewer than 3 transferable* courses.

  • Visiting Student
    You are currently enrolled in a program at another university and wish to take courses from University of Lethbridge under an authorized leave.

  • Adult Admission
    Your qualifications match none of the above, but a combination of your education and life experiences have prepared you for university entrance.

*'Transferable courses' are courses completed at a university, college or technical institute which may be transferred for credit to your UofL program. Typically, a transferable course is defined as a 3-credit, semester course.

Refer to Part 1 - Admissions, of the UofL Calendar for further information on Admission Routes.