Admission Routes

Admission routes are ways of categorizing different undergraduate students according to their academic qualifications. The University of Lethbridge recognizes Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.

Which admission route fits you?

  • Early Admission
    You are currently completing high school requirements for the first time at a Canadian high school, and are applying for admission to the Fall semester.

  • High School
    You have completed required high school courses and fewer than 3 transferable* semester courses from universities or colleges. If you were primarily home schooled, click here.

  • New Transfer
    Your high school qualifications are sufficient and you have completed 3 or more transferable* courses; or you have completed 8 or more transferable* courses.

  • College Diploma
    You have completed an appropriate two- or three-year diploma at a college or technical institute, and are applying for a post-diploma degree program in Agriculture, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Fine Arts (Art, Dramatic Arts, Multidisciplinary, New Media or Music), Geography (with a Concentration in Geographical Information Science), Health Sciences (Addictions Counselling), Management, or Nursing.

  • Applied Degree
    You have completed an applied degree from a recognized college or technical institute in Alberta.

  • Previous Degree
    You have completed an approved degree comprised of 30 or more courses from a recognized university.

  • Standardized Test
    You have completed recognized tests of aptitude/achievement (e.g., SATs), and fewer than 3 transferable* courses.

  • Visiting Student
    You are currently enrolled in a program at another university and wish to take courses from the University of Lethbridge under an authorized leave.

  • Adult Admission
    Your qualifications match none of the above, but a combination of your education and life experiences have prepared you for university entrance.

*'Transferable courses' are courses completed at a university, college or technical institute which may be transferred for credit to your University of Lethbridge program. Typically, a transferable course is defined as a 3-credit, semester course.

Refer to Part 1 - Admissions, of the University of Lethbridge Calendar for further information on Admission Routes.