Admission Information

Applying to university means having questions...lots of them! The Admissions Office has the answers to your questions on application procedures, admission requirements and more.

See the School of Graduate Studies for admission requirements to graduate programs.

Applying to the University
It's easy to become a member of the University of Lethbridge community. This simple guide will show you how it happens, from the moment you submit an application, to the day you attend your first class.

Admission Routes
When you apply to the University of Lethbridge, you will be admitted through an admission route. Admission routes are determined by your academic qualifications, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.

International Students
Are you applying as an international student? You should note admission requirements for your country. If your first language is not English, you will be required to meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement. The International Centre for Students is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Residence Requirements/Time Limits
The University of Lethbridge has residence requirements for its programs which are satisfied through successful completion of courses at the University of Lethbridge. Some programs also have time limits for completion. For example, in the Faculty of Arts and Science, at least one-half of the courses required in the major discipline must be be completed at the University of Lethbridge. Please be aware of these requirements/limits in planning your education.

Transfer Credit Agreements
The University of Lethbridge has several transfer credit agreements with other colleges and universities. Besides information provided for new transfer and post-diploma applicants, the following sites can help you evaluate courses that you may have taken elsewhere and their transferability to a University of Lethbridge program (and vice versa):

UofL Transfer Credit Equivalencies Database | ACAT | BCCAT

If you have specific questions regarding transfer credit, contact the Admissions office at 403-382-7134.