Service Animals


In 2017 the Province of Alberta approved new legislation so that owner managed dogs must pass the Service Dog Qualification Assessment for their rights to be protected under the Service Dogs Act and Service Dogs Qualifications Regulations.  Once approved, the owner managed dog receives government issued identification. 

The University of Lethbridge is currently reviewing policies and procedures so that they better align with the new legislation.  We are committed to ensuring the safety of all who attend or visit our campus including persons with disabilities and their service dogs.  We recognize how important service dogs are to their people and the investment required to train them to serve. 

Currently, the Province of Alberta recognizes dogs as the only service animals eligible for assessment and registration.  The dog must also be trained to do work or perform specific tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

To learn more about the Government of Alberta Legislation and current registration processes, please visit:

The following are important safety expectations for dogs who are accompanying registered students on campus:

1.  A copy of the most current certificate of vaccinations from a veterinarian.   

  • Required: Parvo, Rabies, Bordetella, canine hepatitis, distemper 
  • Tick prevention treatment is also recommended but optional

2.  The handler must be able to control the dog at all times including in crowds, loud noise or chaotic environments. Our beautiful campus is very close to nature so you can expect close proximity to wild animals like deer, gophers and the occasional porcupine or skunk.  It is also a protected natural habitat for snakes including rattlesnakes.

3.  The handler or a support person is responsible for all dog care including cleaning/disposal of waste