• What is an FM system?

An FM system is a hearing device that works with or without hearing aids. This system assists people who are hard of hearing, especially in environments with background noise, or in large rooms. Many FM systems include a microphone portion that will either sit on the professor desk/ podium, or that the professor can wear around their neck. This then sends the sound directly to the student’s ear, or hearing aid/ cochlear implant.

  • Why does this student need this accommodation?

Due to privacy and confidentiality, we cannot release a student’s diagnosis or documentation to professors. We do complete a thorough intake process and require supporting documentation from a health professional to ensure that the accommodations provided are appropriate and specialized to each student. All accommodations are put in place to ensure equitable access.

  • How is this accommodation fair to the other students?

Accommodations ensure that students with disabilities have equitable access to post-secondary education. Accommodations do not lower academic standards, or create an advantage. Quite the opposite, they are put in place to mitigate a barrier.

  • If an ESL student is struggling, can you provide them with accommodations?

Not unless they also have a documented disability which is influencing their academic experience. English as a Second Language is not a disability, and therefore we cannot provide accommodations. If you would like to provide the student with some supports on campus, some good recommendations would be; Student Success Centre, International Centre and/or Counselling Services.

  • If I write a letter confirming the challenges of a student, can you provide accommodations?

No, but we can use this to inform us when making referrals for further assistance or assessment. Students can book an appointment for a suspected learning disability screening, which helps us determine where to refer on to.

  • What is Kurzweil?

Kurzweil is a text-to-speech software. This allows for text to be read out loud by the computer for the student.

  • What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech-to-text program. This allows students to orally present their knowledge, and the computer will record it in written form.