• Is my documentation enough?

Give us a call, or book an appointment. Each student’s case is different for the documentation required for specific supports. Documentation should be completed by the appropriate health professional and include; diagnosis, severity/ frequency of the diagnosis, impact on academics, specific recommendations for accommodations, doctor signature and the date.

  • Do I have to let my professor know about my accommodations?

You do not have to personally discuss your accommodations with your professor should you not want to. Each semester, the Accommodated Learning Centre hosts policy signing sessions. When you sign your policy form for the semester, you indicate which professors you would like to be notified of your accommodations. Then we send the professor an email indicating that you are a registered student with our office, and the accommodations that you receive (we do not disclose diagnosis).

  • Do I have to email my professor when I book an exam?

Unless you need to request a change in start time or date of the exam, then you do not need to contact your professor when you book an exam. You will book your exams with the Accommodated Learning Centre using Clockwork. Our Exam Coordinator will contact your professor to indicate that you are taking the exam with our centre and request your exam.

  • How do I get started with getting funding for assistive services?

First, you must register with the Accommodated Learning Centre. Then, you must apply for Student Loans via the Alberta Student Aid website. You must be eligible for and apply for full-time or part-time student loans. To be eligible for grants, you must show financial need to the government by qualifying for student loans (be approved for student loan funding). Our office will then fill out a Schedule 4 (application for Service & Equipment Grant) to request funding for the services or technologies that you will require for the academic school year. You will need to sign this form and then our office will submit the form on your behalf.

  • I am an out-of-province student, can you assist me with funding applications?

Yes, we can assist with Permanent Disability grant applications for any province.

  • I am an international student, can I receive accommodations?

Yes, as long as you have supporting documentation. You will go through the same process of an intake appointment to determine the best supports for you. If specialized supports are required we can discuss your individual options further.

  • Will my accommodations (Individualized Program Plan, Learner Support Plan, Instructional Support Plans, etc.) in high school automatically transfer to my University/ College?

No. We do not have access to high school records. You must book an intake appointment with the Accommodated Learning Centre and supply your supporting documentation (you can request the original assessment or medical letter from your high school).

  • Will I get the exact same accommodations in University as I did in high school?

Not necessarily. There is more independent learning in University, and less personal support time. That being said, we do ensure that you have an equitable learning experience and will provide you with the appropriate accommodations/ supports.

  • What is a strategist?

A learning strategist can assist with developing a range of learning skills, depending on what you want/ need to work on. Some topics may include; time management, scheduling, study skills, reading skills, etc.

  • What if I don’t know how to use and/or install the technologies I apply for?

Our Specialized Support Coordinator can assist with installation and training on technologies that we order. Please schedule an appointment for training.