• I’m struggling, where do I go for help?

Come to the Accommodated Learning Centre. We can further discuss your concerns and look at accommodation options, provide you with a learning strategies appointment, or refer you to another service on campus that can help.

  • What classes should I take?

We can definitely meet with you to provide some guidance/ advising. But the best place to go for advising around which specific courses to take is the Academic Advising for your faculty. They know the program requirements, and can offer a lot more detailed information about specific courses.

  • What other funding is available to me (aside from grants through Alberta Student Aid)?

Please contact the Scholarships and Student Finance office. They are the best resource for scholarships and grants. Our office can assist with the Permanent Disability Grant through Alberta Student Aid (or other province).

  • When should I apply for funding?

Alberta Student Aid recommends applying two months before the start of your school year. It is best to apply by early July if you start school in September. You can apply at any time of the year, but there are deadlines to consider – at least 30 days before the application’s session end date, if you have applied for one semester only.  If you have applied for funding for the full academic year, the deadline to request additional funding for assistive services is 90 days before the end of the academic year.

  • Why is it taking so long for my funding application to be processed?

Once Schedule 4 applications are received in the mail by Alberta Student Aid, it can take up to 4 weeks to be processed. If they have any questions or concerns about the application, this can delay it even more.

  • How is funding dispersed?

Student Aid will notify you via email once you have been approved for funding. In order to receive your funding, you will need to complete the ‘Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement’ (MSFAA). You must always complete and return both MSFAA agreements (Alberta MSFAA + Canada MSFAA) even if you only receive one type of loan, and always provide banking information for both agreements.

  • Do I need to sign a Schedule 4 every year?

If you require specialized supports such as additional technology, alternate format textbooks, tutoring, etc., then yes. If you are only interested in the $2000 Permanent Disability Grant, and you have received it before, you will automatically be reassessed for this grant each new loan year that you apply for loans.

  • What is a reduced course load?

If your disability limits you from taking a full course load, you can apply for a reduced course load which allows you to carry as little as 40% of a full course load and still apply for full-time student aid. In order to do so, please contact us.

  • What happens if I drop down to part-time status?

If you drop below 60% of a full-time course load during your semester, you will be considered part-time. Student Aid will reassess your eligibility for full-time funding for the semester in which you applied. If you continue your full-time studies the next semester, you will need to reapply for funding. 

This may not apply if you are a student with a permanent disability and have been approved to study at a reduced course load.

  • How do I pay for assistive services?

We will invoice you for the amount of the Service & Equipment Grant. You will receive this invoice via email from our Accounts Coordinator. Once you have been invoiced, you will pay the amount owing to the Cash Office in person or via online banking – the email you will receive will include payment instructions on how to do this. The funds will then be put in trust for you, and we will pay for your services from your trust account. Any excess funds will be sent back to the government and all of your services and technology that was paid for by our department will be reported to the government. Depending on the technology you have been approved for, we might let you self-manage that portion – you will be notified of this via email. Please make sure you keep your receipts!

  • How do I report to Student Aid on assistive services used if I am self-managing?

You will need to provide receipts to Alberta Student Aid at the end of your current study period, along with this completed worksheet. If you fail to submit receipts and/or do not return any unused funds to Alberta Student Aid, you will have a grant ‘overpayment’ that will reduce your future eligibility for this grant until the amount has been repaid.