Come to the Accommodated Learning Centre (or during COVID, email alc@uleth.ca). We can further discuss your concerns and look at accommodation options, provide you with a learning strategies appointment, or refer you to another service on campus that can help.

We can definitely meet with you to provide some guidance/advising. But the best place to go for advising around which specific courses to take is the Academic Advising for your faculty. They know the program requirements, and can offer a lot more detailed information about specific courses.

If your disability limits you from taking a full course load, you can apply for a reduced course load. This will allow you to carry as little as 40% of a full course and still apply for full-time student aid. In order to do so, please contact us.

If you drop below 60% of a full-time course load during your semester, you will be considered part-time. Student Aid will reassess your eligibility for full-time funding for the semester in which you applied. If you continue your full-time studies the next-semester, you will need to reapply for funding.

This may not apply if you are a student with a permanent disability and have been approved to study at a reduced course load.


Alberta Student Aid recommends applying two months before the start of your school year. It is best to apply by early July if you start school in September. You can apply at any time of the year, but there are deadlines to consider - at least 30 days before the application's session end date, if you have applied for one semester only. If you have applied for funding for the full academic year, the deadline to request additional funding for assistive services is 90 days before the end of the academic year.

Please contact the Scholarships and Student Finance office. They are the best resource for scholarships and grants. Our office can assist with the Permanent Disability Grants through Alberta Student Aid (or other provinces).

You don’t need to take out a student loan in order to receive the permanent disability grants. You just need to be eligible to receive loans in order to be eligible for grants. If you do receive a loan you do not wish to keep, you can return it immediately. When applying on the Alberta Student Aid website, after you have submitted your application, a field will appear asking you for the “Total Amount of Assistance Requested” you can indicate $1 (this will still allow you to achieve eligibility without receiving a loan). Ask our Accounts Coordinator for more information.

If you require specialized supports such as additional technology, alternate format textbooks, tutoring, etc., then yes. If you are only interested in the $4000 Permanent Disability Grant, and you received it before, you will automatically be reassessed for this grant each new loan year that you apply for loans. Be sure to indicate a “permanent disability” on your Alberta Student Aid application.

If you are only interested in receiving the Permanent Disability grant for $4,000 and you HAVE NOT received it before, you will need to complete the Schedule 4 and submit the appropriate documentation to the ALC.
If you HAVE received the grant before, then you will not need to complete a new Schedule 4. If you have previously received this grant then you will automatically be reassessed for this grant each new loan year, so long as you apply for loans. You will still have to indicate “permanent disability” on your Alberta Student Aid application.

Once Schedule 4 applications are received by Alberta Student Aid, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed. If they have any questions or concerns about the application, this can delay it further.

There is a 4-6 week processing timeframe from grant application to approval. You are encouraged to contact the Accommodated Learning Centre to initiate the grant application process no less than 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Services are activated according to grant approval dates.

Student Aid will notify you via email once you have been approved for funding. In order to receive your funding, you will need to complete the 'Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement' (MSFAA). You must always complete and return both MSFAA agreements (Alberta MSFAA + Canada MSFAA) even if you only receive one type of loan, and always provide banking information for both agreements. Once complete your funding will be direct deposited to your bank account. Information on how to complete the MSFAA will be emailed to you by Student Aid.

Once you have been approved for the Services & Equipment grant, we will invoice you for the amount you have been awarded. Our Accounts Coordinator will email you a copy of the invoice along with payment instructions.

The funds will then be put in trust for you, and we will pay for your services from your trust account. Any excess funds will be sent back to the government and the services and technology that was paid for by our department will be reported to the government. Depending on the technology you have been approved for, we might let you self-manage that portion - you will be notified of this via email.

Please make sure you keep your receipts!

You will need to provide receipts to Alberta Student Aid at the end of your current study period, along with this completed Alberta Student Aid Reconciliation Worksheet. If you fail to submit receipts and/or do not return any unused funds in full to Alberta Student Aid, you will have a grant 'overpayment'. This will reduce your future eligibility for this grant until the amount has been repaid.

Contact the Accommodated Learning Centre and we can discuss options with you.

All student cases are considered individually. In the circumstance that grant funding does not cover the cost of the approved accommodation service(s) required, the University will assume responsibility for the remaining balance. International students must work with the Accommodated Learning Centre to determine funds available to cover the costs of approved accommodation services.

Failure to apply for the permanent disability grants can result in either:

  • Delay in the support services being provided (must wait until grant approval is obtained in order to provide services)
  • Cancellation of certain services pending payment by the student for the amount of the missing funding or;
  • Continuation of services with outstanding fees invoiced to the student account and payable to Financial Services according to payment deadlines and conditions


All of the ALC staff is currently working off campus so please do not come to our office for exams or assistance! For Moodle exams, please write them at home as usual. You are responsible for providing yourself with a distraction free/controlled environment. 

If you require supervision for an in-person exam, please book it 7 days in advance through Clockwork and email exam.accommodations@uleth.ca with any concerns.   

In most cases, the exams are not supervised or the instructor is supervising on Zoom.  It is the instructor’s responsibility to arrange for supervision if needed and include time extensions for accommodated students.  

If you want to write your exam outside of the exam window that the professor gave the class, you will have to ask the professor directly. If they approve of the time or date change,  send their written permission to exam.accommodations@uleth.ca. We will adjust your exam booking and set up your accommodations for the approved date and time.

You are provided with time extensions to adjust for the academic impact of your condition and additional supports like use of technology.  Some instructors are giving entire classes generous time extensions that align with Universal Design Principals of Learning (UDL).  Clarify with your instructor the expected completion time.  If the time provided extends past your accommodation, your time should be accommodated.  If you feel this is not the case, contact us to review your individual circumstances.   

Exam accommodations are based on individual need and supported by formal documentation.  If you feel your circumstances have changed, contact us for a review of your accommodations. We may have the ability to make the adjustment or may request that you provide an updated medical document. 

Because Moodle does not take time zones into account, you will have to book and write your exams according to the MDT time zone. If you’re studying from another province, you will have to keep track of the time difference and plan accordingly.  

Contact your professor, explain the situation, and request that you write the exam earlier or later so that the exam does not coincide with your other class. Forward the written permission from your professor to exam.accommodations@uleth.ca to have the exam time change applied. 

If your professor has given a window of dates and times that a Moodle exam can be done, then you can write any time within that window. We suggest that you book your exam at the beginning of this window so that we can apply your accommodations to the exam right away. But you are free to write the Moodle exam anytime during that exam window. 

Visual example of moodle exams with exam window

No, you do not write your exams on Clockwork. Clockwork is simply our scheduling program to keep track of students accommodations and exams. You will write your exam as usual on the platform that the professor is administering it on. If it's on Moodle, you write it on Moodle. If it's on Crowdmark, you will write it on Crowdmark. 

Extensions are being applied to exam times 1-2 business days in advance of the booking. If you still don't see your extra time applied as of the exam day, please email exam.accommodations@uleth.ca and wait to write your exam until you see your extension.


You only have to book the evaluations for which you need to have accommodation.  However, your circumstances may change or you may find the material harder than you first thought.  It is better to have your accommodations and not need them than to need them and not have them.  

Yes, you can book any timed quiz, exam, or evaluation that will count towards your grade.

If your professor hasn't set the time or length of your exam before the 7-day booking deadline, simply book your exam for the length and time of your class and send us an email at exam.accommodations@uleth.ca requesting that it be adjusted as soon as you know. 

For in person exams that you will be completing at the ALC, yes you still have to book and write them during our office hours of Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:00pm.

For Moodle exams written at home, no you don't need to book and write them during office hours. That being said, we still suggest that you write your exams during office hours so that you can still receive support if anything should go wrong during your exam. 

You only need to book exams through Clockwork if you require accommodation for that exam.

Firstly, it is your responsibility to book exams through Clockwork 7 days before they begin. If you do not book your exam, there is a good chance that you will not receive your accommodations. It is good practice to book all of your known exams right away at the beginning of the semester and book unknown exams as soon as you find out about them.

If you miss the deadline however, please email exam.accommodations@uleth.ca with these details:

Course and section:

Professor's name:

Exam format:

Exam date:

Exam time:

Exam duration:


We will try to set it up, but this does not guarantee that you will receive accommodations.

Please make a separate booking for each part (especially if the parts are on different platforms) and send the Exam Coordinator (exam.accommodations@uleth.ca) an email with what each of the parts are.

We prepare accommodations for exams differently depending on what platform they are on. So if you have an exam with 2 parts and one part is on Moodle and the other is on Crowdmark, we will not know that you have 2 different parts that we have to prepare for unless you make 2 bookings.