Creating Accessible Content

With permission from Humber College, we are able to share the links below to assist you in creating an accessible course for all students.

Creating Accessible Documents Tips for Delivering an Accessible Lecture/ Presentation Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course Making Accessible Media: Accessible Design in Digital Media (online modules)

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education website has a wide range of cheatsheets for how to create accessible content. 

Cheatsheets are provided for Microsoft Applications, Adobe, Accessible Web Content, and Captioning

Below are some great resources to guide you in recording, transcribing, and captioning:

Real time automatic captions in Powerpoint Setting up recording and transcribing in Zoom

With permission from Athabasca University, we are able to share this link below for tips on how to limit accessibility barriers in online learning environments, documents and applications.

Athabasca University ICT Accessibility Checklist