Accommodated Learning Centre Services

ALC Student Services

The Accommodated Learning Centre is happy to help our students with all disability related inquiries. Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Meet with students, gather relevant background information and review documentation of disability

  • Help identify barriers to full access in the university environment

  • Develop individual accommodation and learning plans

  • Prepare accommodation letters for faculty

  • Coordinate accommodations and services provided by ALC - Exam accommodations (Separate/Private location; Distraction Controlled; /Extra Time; Word Processor; Audio)

  • Alternate Format Texts; Tutors, Strategists, and Educational Assistants; Assistive Technology (Kurzweil; Dragon; Zoom Text; Digital Recorders)

  • Provide educational information and guidance including referrals to departments and service units on- and off-campus

  • Provide information regarding funding applications for services and technology and authorize applications

  • Coach students to develop self-advocacy skills

  • Communicate with faculty and staff about working with students with disabilities, including facilitating full access and accommodations when necessary