CART/Closed Captioning

CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is a service with trained individuals providing real-time captioning services. Today, CART services often combine the CART recorder with artificial intelligence that reproduces or translates what is being said aloud onto a screen with accuracy and speed.  

Generally, CART services are required for students who are deaf, hard of hearing or encounter auditory processing challenges that impact their ability to participate in the auditory components of live learning. CART works best in lectures, labs and seminars where a number of individuals are not speaking simultaneously. 

The Accommodated Learning Centre has procured a Zoom third party provider, Verbit AI to provide CART services for live (synchronous) Zoom sessions. This service is at a cost to the institution and is available for students determined to be eligible through disability documentation.  Once activated by the ALC, the instructor simply copies an activation key and the provider enters the session. 

If a student indicates that hearing prevents full participation in learning, please encourage them to contact for consideration.