2015 / 2016 Calendar Updates

A list of corrections and post-publication updates to the print edition of the 2015/2016 Calendar, which have been changed in the online edition, will be posted at this location. Check back regularly to stay informed of changes.

Undergraduate Calendar


N/A Liberal Education
  • The University of Lethbridge was founded on the principle of Liberal Education. Liberal Education at its broadest encompasses four main aspects or pillars which have been used as the detailed definition at the University of Lethbridge.
    1. Breadth across disciplines is seen as foundational: students should be exposed to ways of looking at and studying the world beyond their own disciplinary boundaries.
    2. The ability to connect and integrate knowledge across disciplines is crucial.
    3. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are emphasized: students need to know how to identify an argument, evaluate evidence and reasoning, produce informed decisions, and communicate and defend those decisions.
    4. Education for citizenship, which encourages students to be contributing community members on all levels, and to participate in the running of those communities.

Part 1 - Admissions

p. 27 Calgary Campus Deadlines
  • Added differential application deadlines for the Calgary Campus.
  • Deadlines extended May 1, 2015.
p. 46 Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions
  • Addition of Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions (CARIs) information for transfer purposes.

Part 8 - Faculty of Education

p. 152 Basic Teacher Education
  • Added "Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media and Bachelor of Education".

Part 9 - Faculty of Fine Arts

p. 179 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dramatic Arts (Theatre Studies)
  • Effective July 1, 2015, the Theatre Studies major in the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dramatic Arts program has been suspended, until further notice.

Part 10 - Faculty of Health Sciences

p. 204 Post-Diploma Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program
  • Effective immediately, the Post-Diploma Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation will be accepting applications for Fall 2015. Ministerial approval for this program was received after the publishing of this Calendar. Please see Post-Diploma Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program or contact an Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Health Sciences for more information.

Part 11 - Faculty of Management

N/A Marketing Majors
  • Effective May 1 2015, optional Concentrations have been added to Marketing majors for the Bachelor of Management, Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management, Management Certificate, 2nd Degree Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Management combined degree, and Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management combined degree programs. Changes to the above programs will be published in the 2016/2017 Calendar. Please see the appropriate Program Planning Guide or contact an Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Management for more information.

Part 14 - Courses

p. 369, 378 Kinesiology/Health Sciences Courses
  • Addition of Kinesiology 1160/Health Sciences 1160 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (see Course Descriptions).
  • Addition of Kinesiology 1161/Health Sciences 1161 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II (see Course Descriptions).


Graduate Calendar

Academic Regulations, Policies, and Program Requirements

p. 49 Discipline Committee
  • The hearing shall be in camera. A confidential record of the hearing shall be kept.

Master of Fine Arts

p. 122-125 Change to Degree Requirements
  • Effective immediately, changes to credit hours and course requirements in the three majors of the Master of Fine Arts have been synchronized to increase flexibility and allow courses from outside the discipline to be taken if deemed appropriate.