1998 / 1999 Calendar

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The Courses section (Part 14) has been formatted two different ways. The first format contains links between courses and their prerequisites, which allows you to see all the factors related to a particular course at the University of Lethbridge. The second format (marked with an asterisk) allows you to view the course offerings as they appear in the paper copy of the Calendar.

Telephone Directory
Academic Schedule
Part 1 - Admission
Part 2 - Registration
Part 3 - Fees
Part 4 - Academic Regulations, Policies and Program Requirements
Part 5 - Graduation
Part 6 - Faculty of Arts and Science
Part 7 - Faculty of Education
Part 8 - School of Fine Arts
Part 9 - School of Health Sciences
Part 10 - Faculty of Management
Part 11 - Social Work
Part 12 - Combined Degrees
Part 13 - Graduate Studies
Part 14 - Courses*
Part 15 - Awards and Scholarships
Part 16 - General Services
Part 17 - Academic Staff
Part 18 - University Organization
Part 19 - Awards of Distinction
Part 20 - Collaborating and Partnering Institutions
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