Workers Compensation Coverage

The Workers' Compensation Act is based on the Meredith Principle, outlined by then Chief Justice of Ontario, Sir William Meredith, in his report on workers' compensation more than 80 years ago.

The principles of Worker’s Compensation is that it is based on a “no fault” system where employers bear the direct cost of compensation and workers receive compensation benefits at no cost for work-related injuries and illnesses. A neutral agency, The Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB), has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters arising out of the Worker’s Compensation Act. Worker’s Compensation Insurance varies from province to territory and the laws of the area in which the work is taking place typically govern.

The University provides WCB coverage for its employees and is responsible to work with employees to prevent illness and injury and to report injuries and help injured employees return to work.

Students who are registered full time and attending the University are insured for WCB through Alberta Learning and may also be entitled to WCB benefits when injury and/or illness occurs during the course of their academic program.

WCB claims are managed by the University’s Department of Wellness & Recognition and general information on this topic may be found by clicking on the employee and student links.