Volunteers are a valued and important resource that enables the University to undertake many exciting activities and initiatives from everything to New Student Orientation to the annual First Choice Savings Play Day. The University policy governs the acquisition and placement of volunteers for such initiatives and the following protocol and procedure should be followed when volunteers are being recruited on behalf of the University.

a) Volunteer Policy - (note agreement is located in the Appendices of the University policy):

i) Link to the University's Volunteers in Research & Creative Activities Policy:

http://www.uleth.ca/policy/volunteers-research-creative-activities- policy

b) Tracking Volunteer hours

Download attached document to record volunteer hours - Volunteer hours and tracking for WCB year end adjustments.xlsx

It is important to capture the volunteer hours in order that they may be reported under the University's WCB program.

It is the Department/Faculty responsibility to submit the volunteer hours information to Human Resources, Wellness & Recognition (wellness@uleth.ca) when the event or activity is completed or at the end of the calendar year, whichever works best for the reporting Department or Faculty.