The University secures insurance coverage as a risk financing tool to protect against catastrophic loss to its physical, financial and other assets and exposures unique to the academic, research and operational activities of the institution.

Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services is responsible for the overall management and placement of the University’s comprehensive insurance portfolio insuring the University’s physical assets and maintaining its general liability insurance program inclusive of educational institutions errors and omissions liability and business continuity and interruption risks.

The responsibility for payment of deductibles and non-insured losses (those losses for which coverage is specifically excluded under the University’s insurance portfolio) shall be borne by Department suffering the loss.

Changes in programs, activities or assets which may affect the insurance coverage should be immediately communicated to Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services. This website contains a summary of the University’s insurance program with a brief description of what is and is not covered. This is a basic description only and Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services should be contacted for any additional information.