Incident Reporting & Investigation


NOTICE: Effective Jan 20, 2020 the Campus Accident/Incident Report (CAIR) will be replaced. 

IT Services is completing work on a new online reporting system for Campus Safety which goes live on Monday, January 20, 2020. This new online reporting system will be refreshed and expanded to allow separate on-line reports to either Safety Services or Security Services. A guide for using the new systems is provided in RESOURCES below.

Please report on-line using the new reporting system at 


Immediate notification of all accidents, incidents and near misses is required as per the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act Regulation & Code to ensure that any health, safety or risk issues are addressed. Responsibilities and procedures are defined in the Incident Reporting and Investigation Standard.

ONLINE SAFETY REPORTING of all hazards and incidents including near misses, injuries and property damage. Employees and students also need to immediately advise their supervisor of all hazards and incidents. 

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that all incidents, accidents and near misses are investigated within 3 working days.   Supervisors are also responsible for evaluating all recommendations stemming from their investigation including implementation and monitoring of corrective and preventative actions.

Supervisors will submit completed Incident Investigation Reports to Safety Services through the online Safety Reporting system.

If you have any questions or concerns about the completion of the Campus Accident/Incident Report please contact Safety Services. Safety Services is available as an advisory resource to assist with addressing health and safety concerns. Inquiries concerning WCB claims should be directed to Wellness and Recognition at (403) 332-5217.


Reporting Process Flowchart

Guide to Reporting Incidents & Hazards (online reporting system)

Incident & Hazard Reports Summary template


Hazard Reporting

Hazard vs Incident