Contractor Safety

Are you hiring a contractor or service provider to conduct work for the University of Lethbridge?

The  University of Lethbridge CONTRACTOR SAFETY STANDARD defines responsibilities and procedures that must be followed when contractors,suppliers and service providers are hired to conduct work for the University.  

All contractors are required to meet or exceed the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code, and conduct their activities in accordance with the applicable University's policies and procedures.

University policies, occupational health & safety regulatory requirements and University insurance requirements apply.  This includes the following:

Work involving a UofL facility requires notification and approval by the Facilities department.

This includes any installation of new equipment, renovation or alteration of existing facilities/ equipment, or interface with building systems, etc. 

Contact Facilities PRIOR to hiring a contractor or service provider.

University employees that hire contractors and service providers are responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and applicable University procedures. Contractor pre-qualification may also be required.  

Contact Safety Services for advice and assistance PRIOR to hiring a contractor or service provider.


The University of Lethbridge uses safety prequalification as a method to develop and maintain a list of preferred Contractors who meet the minimum safety standards to be considered for completing work at the University.  Contractor Safety Pre-qualification forms are provided HERE.




Pre-Job Planning Checklist

Hazard Assessment Procedure and Forms

Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) - Template

Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) - Sample 

Emergency Contact List - Project Directory

Start-Up Meeting Attendance Record

Contractor Safety Orientation - General 

Contractor Safety Orientation - Caterer

Covid-19 Service Provider Health Check Questionnaire

Basic Pandemic Health & Safety Precautions



For more information, contact Safety Services.