Working or Studying Alone?

Students and staff who are studying or working alone on campus are encouraged to sign in to the University's internal communication system for working alone. Working alone away from campus? Please refer to the  University's Working Alone Protocol.   

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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Updates

This is a rapidly evolving situation. International SOS is monitoring closely and updating the University through their dedicated  website as more information becomes available: Please visit to be informed and for latest news and updates.

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Manager, Safety Services & RSO: Carolin Cattoi-Demkiw

Biosafety Officer: Lorna Selinger

Environment, Health & Safety Advisor: Darlene Konynenbelt

Campus Health: Lori Weber


Manager I&R: Toby Clark

Safety Bulletins

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Managing Safely is a monthly digital newsletter that provides supervisors with strategies for improved management, compliance and safety.  It also includes monthly safety meeting guides, questionnaires and safety tips.

Issues are organized by year and include an index that summarizes the content of each issue.

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Alberta Occupational Health and Safety provides a monthly eNews publication.

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First Aid

All of us play an important role in supporting a safe and healthy work/school environment by giving appropriate assistance in a medical emergency. Assistance can be given by anyone here at the University of Lethbridge to someone needing first aid. As a bystander without first aid training, it is okay to say that and get assistance to the person by calling Campus Safety at 403-329-2345 or calling 911. However, a first aider is a person trained to give first aid and may assist to a level of their training. There are first aiders in key areas such as Campus Safety and first aiders are also interspersed throughout campus who are trained in emergency or standard first aid, which includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use.

CAMPUS FIRST RESPONDERS FOR FIRST AID is Campus Safety- Security Representatives   CALL 403-329-2345 or 2345 on an in-house phone. 

First aid kits

Regulations require that employers supply first aid kits for their area. These first aid kits readily available to first aiders. Departments may also purchase ready-made first aid kits from the supplier of choice as long as the kit meets the regulation requirement for your workplace (St. John Ambulance Services is one such place that sells first aid kits). If you have any questions, please contact Safety Services at   403-329-2501



If you are interested in taking a first aid course, the current system is for you to decide the ‘why’ of taking the course. If you are wanting to take it for personal reasons then you would call St. John Ambulance or check out their upcoming courses and make arrangements to take the course. Of course, you may be taking the first aid course for your workplace in which case you would talk with your supervisor first about time off for taking the course and/or your department covering the cost of your course.


We are requesting that those people who are interested in renewing a first aid course do so by calling St. John Ambulance and mentioning they are from the UofL (this allows for a 15% discount of the cost of the course) and booking the course of their choice (Emergency or Standard first aid are the most common courses). There are no courses scheduled for on-campus in the near future.


St. John Ambulance

1254 3rd Avenue South

Lethbridge Alberta T1J 0J9

8:00am to 4:30pm


Phone 1-800-665-7114


Once you have your first aid course, remember to let your supervisor/Dean know- it may be part of your hazard assessments for your area and part of the whole system of addressing hazards in your particular workplace so it is important for your supervisor to get a copy of your certificate and for the your team to know that you are the first aider in your area…. It might be a good idea to bring up first aid kits and first aiders at a team meeting to ensure people know what is available in your department/area. Safety Services has available for departments such items as first aid posters, first aid pamphlets and stickers for telephones to remind employees about what to do in an emergency… Contact Safety Services if you would like any for your area.



For questions regarding campus first aid, please contact Safety Services at or 403-329-2501


For a safety bulletin from OHS see