Take Two Speaker Series

Introducing the Take Two Speaker Series with Dr Claudia Malacrida

The Take Two Speaker Series is the embodiment of what we do as researchers, creators and scholars at the University of Lethbridge. In launching this series, we wanted to celebrate and illuminate the ways that our faculty across all disciplines approach key issues at local, national and global levels.

Our colleagues build knowledge about social, medical, scientific or aesthetic concerns through many avenues. Sometimes these multiple approaches can lead to synergy, sometimes to thorny yet productive debates. But by approaching big questions in divergent ways, we obtain richer insights and more robust solutions than when we take a single entry point.

In the Take Two Speaker Series, we want to illuminate this energetic tension. We bring two outstanding scholars from disparate disciplines to one table, to generate conversations between them, the university and the community about how best to investigate and resolve our shared problems.

Come, join us as we listen to these excellent scholars, scientists and artists discuss their life’s passions, debate their perspectives on shared problems, and invite us into the world of scholarly enquiry.

Claudia Malacrida