Request to Extend a Fund

External Grants

Each external funding agency has its own guidelines regarding the timelines and process for requesting an extension of the award period (if allowed). Normally the principal investigator must formally request an extension. If an extension is needed on an external grant, please contact the appropriate Grants Facilitator in the Office of Research and Innovation Services as soon as possible.

Internal Grants: Use Online Form Below to Request Extensions

We encourage you to log in at before completing this form.
Please note the following conditions regarding extensions for internal grants:

  1. Extension request for internal grants must be submitted before the end date as indicated in the notice of award. Requests submitted after the end date will only be considered under mitigating circumstances. By default the form below does not accept requests if the original end date is earlier than today's date.

  2. Extension requests will be considered only if adequate justification is provided.

  3. The extension period may be dependent on the length of the original grant, and generally is no more than six months to one year.

  4. Approval of extension requests are granted at the discretion of the Associate Vice-President (Research) in consultation with the appropriate review committee(s) as required.