Postdoctoral Application Forms

  • Pre-Appointment Worksheet
    • This is the first form that a Faculty Supervisor will fill out. The purpose of this worksheet is to provide the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (PDA) with information required for the Offer of Appointment. Following the authorizations of this form, PDA will work with the Faculty Supervisor to develop the Offer of Appointment to be extended to the postdoctoral scholar candidate.
  • The Offer of Appointments are created and sent out by the PDA Office. Here, you can view a template of these letters and what information it will contain when it is sent out to the postdoc candidate.
  • This form is filled out by both the Faculty Supervisor and the Postdoc Candidate. This form includes funding sources, some personal and educational information, as well as a signed declaration from the Faculty Supervisor.
  • Postdoc Personal Information form
    • This form is to be filled by the Postdoctoral Candidate. Here, they will include their personal and educational information, and attach the necessary documents for their appointment.
  • Direct Deposit form
    • The Postdoctoral Candidate will complete this form with the appropriate banking information, and return to their Faculty Supervisor and the PDA Office.
  • Supervisor checklist (coming soon!) 

If you have any questions regarding the forms required for a postdoctoral scholar appointment, contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (