Open a Research Fund

The Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS) authorizes the opening of all research funds. Only faculty members, professional research personnel and continuing staff employees may administer research funds.

All funds administered by the University, including sponsored research, are to be handled in accordance with the University of Lethbridge policies and procedures.  Please see the Institutional Policies & Procedures for a listing of research policies and procedures.

Note: Any change in your (eligibility) status should be disclosed to ORIS so the appropriate granting agency can be notified.

The following information is required before a research fund can be opened:

  • Notice of Award
    Your Notice of Award will be: (1) a letter from the funding agency or sponsor outlining the terms of the funding support (i.e., period of award, payment schedule, timelines, purpose of award, funding restrictions, reporting requirements etc.); or (2) a research agreement/contract indicating the deliverables and obligations of each party.
  • A copy of the grant application or research contract
    If a grant/contract has a proposal it must be included.  All internally restricted research funds must have a grant proposal.  If there is no grant/contract proposal for externally funded projects, this must be disclosed and explained why (e.g., the proposal is part of the agreement).
  • Budget
    All research projects (internal/external) require a budget.  Normally, the budget will be included with the grant/contract proposal or agreement.  If not, or if the proposal has a different budget amount from actual funding, a new budget must be developed for funding received.  The budget must add up to the funded amount of the agreement. 

    For in-kind contributions, these contributions must be disclosed so that they can be verified and reported.  In-kind contributions from other sources must have a contact person that can report on and verify contributions to Financial Services for reporting purposes.
  • Research Proposal Form
    The Research Proposal Form must be completed for external and internal fund openings.  If there are space requirements or the U of L is contributing funding to the project it must be disclosed on this form.  All appropriate signatures must be in place.
  • Research Ethics
    Proof of animal welfare, human subject, radiation safety or biohazard committee approval, where applicable. Please contact the Office of Research Ethics.
  • Request for New Fund Form
    The Request for New Fund Form must be complete and bear all required signatures.
  • Overhead
    Overhead must be disclosed on all research projects.  Where overhead is not being charged or is an ineligible expense, it must be documented on the Overhead Charge Waiver form.

A research fund will not be opened until all required documents are received by ORIS.  For projects that are renewals and/or amendments to existing projects, the above documentation is still required by ORIS. 

Once the documentation is complete and the research has been through the appropriate approval process (i.e., certifications obtained), ORIS will forward the Request for New Fund Form and all relevant documentation to Financial Services.
All research funds are approved and opened by Financial Services. 

All questions related to financial transactions should be referred to Financial Services [Mark Sera (ext. 2868) or Gabe Krywolt (ext. 4548)].