Inquiry Form for Industry

The Univeristy of Lethbridge is known for research excellence. 
Year after year the UofL is recognized by Research Infosource as one of the top 5 Research Universities of the year in the undergraduate category.  Maclean's university rankings are no different.

Key priorities for the university are teaching, student services and research.  Experience has shown that support of these key priorities are much better facilitated with strong industry partners.  

Leading companies and forward thinking business professionals, such as you, refer to educational institutions and capitalize on partnership opportunities and the unique skills found on campus.

- What are your key challenges? 
- Do you have new insight on product improvement and technology? 
- Is there a social innovation component to your business that can further be developed?  

Connect yourself with our vibrant and solid community of innovators to assist you in answering your questions and, in the process, together we will grow your company and build our leaders of tomorrow.
Funding support may also be available.

Please take a minute to complete the form regarding your area of expertise & inquiry. 
You will be contacted in a timely manner following your submission to discuss potential partnerships with in the University community or perhaps networks in the surrounding area.

We look forward to hearing from you!