Weston Brain Institute - Follow-on Funding

The purpose of Weston Brain Institute Follow-on Funding is to provide additional funding to grantees outside the regular granting mechanism in order to avoid delays in supporting exciting, potentially high-reward work based on previous success for grants awarded by the Weston Brain Institute.

Weston Brain Institute Follow-on Funding has always been available to Institute grantees.  We have now formalized the application and review process to make it easier to apply.

The Weston Brain Institute Follow-on funding process allows for some flexibility in the application, e.g., applications may go directly to the Proposal phase (upon Institute approval), applications do not need to fit in the same budget/timeframe/format of any current Institute core programs (i.e., Rapid Response, Transformational Research, Early Phase Clinical Trials).

Reviews of follow-on funding applications may go through the Institute’s regular granting program, if helpful, or may be reviewed at off-cycle adjudications.

Eligibility: Grantees are encouraged to speak with the Research Programs Specialist responsible for their current or previous grant prior to applying for follow-on funding to determine if the project and/or the applicants are eligible.  This step is not mandatory.

Project eligibility

  • The proposed work must be related to the work the grantee had previously been awarded for by the Weston Brain Institute. If the work meets other criteria (e.g., potentially high-impact) and cannot go through, or cannot fit our regular funding programs, please contact us at follow-on@westonbrain.org.
  • As any applications to the Institute’s regular funding programs, the proposed work must meet two conditions to be eligible:
    • Be translational research that accelerates the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging.
    • Be the development of a therapeutic, and/or tool, and/or select complementary approaches.
  • Any currently or previously funded work is eligible for follow on funding, including work on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and work that ended some time ago.
  • Applications do not have to fit the standard format/timeframe/budget of a regular grant (e.g., doesn’t need to be a Rapid Response, Transformational Research, or Early Phase Clinical Trials type grant).

Applicant eligibility

Who may apply: Any team member of an Institute awarded grant who is working on, or has completed the project with either meaningful (positive or negative) results.

In addition, he/she must have:

  • Carried out the grant or the portion of the grant to date with good/easy communication with Institute staff and appropriately/promptly dealt with any delays or issues.
  • Maintained an open communication with the Institute throughout the project, and consistently followed the terms and conditions of the grant as outlined in the grant agreement (e.g., promptly informed the Institute of any plans to modify the project, actively provided the Institute with updates on project outcomes).
  • Obtained a meaningful (positive or negative result) for an ongoing Institute funded project.
  • At or above the level of postdoctoral researcher at a CRA qualified donee institution in Canada.

Not eligible:

Grantees who:

  • Fail to follow the terms and conditions of the grant as outlined in the grant agreement.
  • Do not meet milestones, at their fault (as opposed to, for example, scientific reasons).
  • Have provided misleading results to the Institute or are regularly unresponsive.
Agency Name: 
Weston Brain Institute
Contact Name: 
Penny D'Agnone
Grant Amount: 
A maximum of $1.5 million per project.  For requests larger than this, please contact us at follow-on@westonbrain.org.
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