Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement Program (CASBE)

Alberta Innovates is pleased to announce that there will be limited funding available during 2018-19 for additional CASBE projects within the micro- and nano-technology domain. The application could be a new CASBE NSERC Engage application or a pre-approved NSERC Engage project (as early as February 1, 2018).

If you have a new CASBE NSERC Engage application please contact Marlene Huerta (780-450-5034) to make sure the proposal is within the micro nanotechnology domain and contact Irene Mikawoz to make sure you and the industry partner are eligible for NSERC Engage.

If you have a recently approved NSERC Engage project (recently approved for a February start date or later) you can apply to Alberta Innovates through the CASBE program. The projects eligible to get the $25,000 match from Alberta Innovates must have a micro nanotechnology component. Please send an email to Marlene Huerta if you are interested to determine whether your currently funded Engage grant meets the micro-nano criteria. Please do not submit these documents until you have spoken with Marlene Huerta.

Click this link to be taken to the program page for more information.

Agency Name: 
Alberta Innovates
Contact Name: 
Emma Dering
Grant Amount: 
$25,000 from AI and $25,000 from NSERC
Grant Location: 
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Natural Science
Grant Eligibility: