Extending a Postdoctoral Fellowship

The extension process is very similar to appointing a postdoctoral scholar and is as follows:

  1. The Faculty Supervisor completes and submits the Pre-Appointment Worksheet to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (PDA)
  2. PDA Office prepares and sends the Faculty Supervisor an Offer of Appointment, which needs to be signed by the Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair and Faculty Dean
  3. The Faculty Supervisor submits two documents to Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for approval:
    • Offer of Appointment (signed by Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair, and Faculty Dean) and;
    • Completed Payroll Authorization Form - PDF Appointment/Extension (signed by Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair, Faculty Dean, and Financial Services for funding verification)
  4. PDA Office vets and approves the appointment request and provides the completed Offer of Appointment and Payroll Authorization Form to the Faculty Supervisor
  5. The Faculty Supervisor makes offer to the postdoc candidate using the Offer of Appointment and Personal Information form
  6. Postdoctoral scholar candidate accepts the offer and provides the Faculty Supervisor with:
    • Signed Offer of Appointment
    • Completed Personal Information form
    • International PDFs: Copy of current work permit and SIN, if available
  7. The Faculty Supervisor forwards all documents to Postdoctoral Affairs Office
  8. PDA Office sends the documents to Payroll Services (after work permit is received, if applicable).

If you have any questions regarding extension of a current postdoctoral scholar, contact the PDA Office.

Re-Appointment Process Flowchart (Larger Version Here)