Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing

The Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing (CSRM) aims to create and disseminate research-based knowledge. The goals of the centre include educating students and empowering nonprofit personnel in areas of social marketing, sustainability and social responsibility, and nonprofit marketing and management.


To create knowledge and disseminate knowledge through research; to educate students and to empower nonprofit personnel in the areas of social marketing, nonprofit marketing and management; and social and environmental sustainability.


We focus our efforts in three related areas that address societal well-being:

The Centre accomplishes these objectives by supporting and participating in conferences, community workshops, internal research support and invited speakers.

Our History

The Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing (CSRM) was established in 2001. CSRM began as the dream of three University of Lethbridge marketing professors. We focused our efforts on issues relevant to CSRM, and from that time forward selected all new marketing hires according to their interest in CSRM issues.