Centres & Institutes

Bringing leading researchers together from across disciplines to address worldwide issues

Our Centres and Institutes facilitate partnerships and help attract alternate sources of funding for research, teaching and preparing the next generation of scholars, scientists, artists, and practitioners. Our Centres and Institutes also serve as exemplars of the breadth of uLethbridge research expertise.

If you are interested in establishing a Centre or Institute, visit the internal Research site for more information.

Applied Life Sciences

Research focuses on knowledge of the human genome, other mammals, microorganisms and plants, which unlocks the door to major discoveries that can be shared across scientific disciplines and lead to opportunities in business and transform existing sectors of the economy.

Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute
Southern Alberta Genome Sciences Centre


Collaborative Research Section

To foster partnerships across disciplines, sectors, and communities by building connections between researchers, practitioners, policymakers and citizens to participate in research initiatives that will enhance a more rapid and systematic application of research knowledge. For more information, contact chrisa.info@uleth.ca

Collaborative Health Research Institute of Southern Alberta

Community Health

Research focuses on improving the health and wellness of all Albertans, which has broad capacity to influence social policy, improve education, identify preventative strategies and reverse pathology, and realize breakthroughs in wellness and disease prevention and management.

Alberta Gambling Research Institute
Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Health Sciences Quality Institute

Knowledge, Culture and Society

Research focuses on exploring the multifaceted dimensions of our increasingly global and diverse environment through an examination of the past and the present from different perspectives including identity, gender, ethnicity, religion, education, literacy, race, justice, language, nationalism and cultural diversity.

Art, Sound & Technology Research IntersecXions
Centre for Culture and Community
Centre for Oral History and Tradition
Centre for the Study of Scholarly Communication
Institute for Child and Youth Studies
Institute for Consumer and Social Well-being
Small Business Institute

Earth-Space Exploration

Research focuses on the use of advanced imaging and computational technologies to better understand our relationship with our planet as well as out place in the universe.

Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre
Institute for Space Imaging Science

Sustainable Development and Globalization

Research focuses on the interconnected issues revolving around demographics, economics and environmental sustainablility.

Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies
Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy
Water Institute for Sustainable Ecosystems