Quality Assurance FAQ

Program Review Coordinators

The practice of offering a course relief for being a coordinator or committee member for an academic quality assurance review is at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty.

Contact the Chair of the department or the Dean's office for available administrative support.

Self Study Reports

No. Self Study Reports may contain confidential information that should not be shared outside the University of Lethbridge. The final summary of the review findings, the Closing Memo, is published on the Quality Assurance website for all to access.

External Reviewers and Site Visits

There is a range, anywhere from $750 to $1100. Check with the Dean's office to find out what other recent External Reviewers have been paid. Sometimes, when there are three External Reviewers, one individual is given a little more because they do the bulk of the writing and editing of the External Review Report.

A Site Visit is usually two days, but can be longer if required. See Appendix Two: Template for the Site Visit in the policy and process document for more information.

The External Reviewers should complete the External Review Report within four weeks after the Site Visit.

The Department or the Faculty is responsible for making all travel arrangements and for reimbursing expenses.