Custom Course Packs

Handpicked Content

  • Academic textbooks
    • May not be the best option as a learning resource
    • May have a low ratio of relevant content to course syllabus
  • Coursepacks
    • Provide opportunity to pull information from a variety of sources to create a single resource
    • Content is 100% relevant to the course

Custom Coursepack Centre

Print on Demand (POD)

  • Professors place order at no cost to them
  • Coursepacks are printed
    • Sold to the bookstore
    • Resold to students at lowest possible price
  • Authoring
    • Courseback creation is attributed to you

Publication Format

  • Determined by each professor to suit the needs of his/her individual teaching style
    • Student feedback is received through product surveys
    • Information passed to professors; may be taken into account for subsequent orders
  • Cover of custom coursepack changes every (Fall) semester
    • To highlight a different image of the campus
    • To distinguish them from coursepacks used in previous years


  • Retail price of a coursepack is determined by
    • Production costs (printing, binding, etc.)
    • Production costs are divided by the number of coursepacks ordered
      • The fewer students in a class the more each individual student will have to pay
    • Royalties (copyright permission fees); See Copyright Governance
    • Number of Desk copies for professor/ TA
    • Administrative costs

Cost Considerations

  • Consider the total cost of all your required texts
  • Determine a suitable price point for your Coursepack
  • Ensure that your materials are 100% relevant to your course
  • Be concise in your article choices