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Dr. Julia Brassolotto is an Assistant Professor in the Public Health Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge, officially beginning her role at the U of L in July 2016. She is also a Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy. She has always looked at health policy issues from an equity perspective. That point of view shaped her first research work in rural Alberta and set the stage for her new role as Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) Research Chair in Rural Health and Well-being at the University of Lethbridge. The (AIHS) Research Chair in Rural Health and Well-being is designed to create a research program focusing on social determinants of health and a big picture approach to rural health care. Her work in the North, and subsequently in the bordering communities in Northern rural British Columbia, shaped her PhD thesis and gave her experiential insight to the issues rural populations face. These interests persisted during her postdoctoral fellowship in Ontario.

Dr. Brassolotto noticed, living in rural Alberta, the ways in which rurality was a distinct determinant of health and had effects on other matters of health and health care. The way she, and other scholars, had been approaching health equity hadn’t sufficiently addressed geography or rural Canada. She decided that was something she really wanted to explore. Dr. Brassolotto got a taste of the distinct strengths and challenges of rural Alberta. So, being appointed for her position at the U of L ended up being a perfect fit and brought her back to Alberta.

Dr. Julia Brassolotto is exploring the intersections of formal and informal care for older adults and particularly interested in older adults with dementia in rural Alberta. She is specifically looking at how the boundaries between public and private care are organized differently in rural areas than they are in urban areas.


Twitter:  @JBrassolotto

Research Interests: Care Work; Rural Health; Long-term Care; Older Adults; Political Economy; Health Sociology; Health Geography; Health Equity; Social Determinants of Health; Health Care Ethics; Public Health; Conditions of Care Work, Both Paid and Unpaid; How Public Policy and the Allocation of Resources Affects Health and Health Care in a Rural Setting.

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