Dr. Maura Hanrahan

Dr. Maura Hanrahan is a Board of Governors Research Chair (Tier II) and Associate Professor in the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge. She is also an adjunct professor with Memorial University's Environmental Policy Institute. She has degrees from Memorial University, Carleton University, and the London School of Economics where she was a Rothermere Fellow. Her current research interests are: drinking water policy affecting Indigenous and rural communities; Arctic history; the Newfoundland Mi'Kmaq.

Recent open articles:

“Straight from the heavens into your bucket”: domestic rainwater harvesting as a measure to improve water security in a subarctic indigenous community

The Rocky Path to Source Water Protection: A Cross-Case Analysis of Drinking Water Crises in Small Communities in Canada

Water (in)security in Canada: national identity and the exclusion of Indigenous peoples

Enduring polar explorers’ Arctic imaginaries and the promotion of neoliberalism and colonialism in modern Greenland

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