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New Director Position

The Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy seeks a visionary Director, committed to leading its talented members and affiliates toward international prominence in transdisciplinary research and training.  Founded on the principle of liberal education, the University of Lethbridge is a comprehensive academic and research university that provides its students with a personal and engaging learning experience. At the graduate level, the university offers thesis- and course-based doctoral, masters, diploma, and certificate programs, and attracts highly qualified postdoctoral fellows. With fifteen transdisciplinary centres and institutes, the University of Lethbridge strives to produce research outcomes that address the problems and opportunities of society in the 21st Century. This includes the Prentice Institute, which is an endowed Institute, thanks to the generosity of the family of John Prentice. The Director of the Prentice Institute will work in collaboration with key stakeholders to implement and advance the Institute‚Äôs Research, Academic, and Strategic Plans, and to foster success in all of its initiatives and priorities.

The central research mandate of the Prentice Institute is to examine big-picture issues relating to global population changes within a broad historical framework, while also connecting local and regional changes with similar global trends. In doing so, the Institute will provide information and contribute to the development of policy options to guide Canadians and their governments in addressing some of the difficult challenges facing the world. Continued...

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The Prentice Institute has hosted over 82 speaking events to date, of these over 44 videotaped speaking presentations are available for viewing on-line.  In the following chronological index the origional posters and publicity about the events is found along with  such corresponding videos as exist.

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Brown Bag Lecture by Emma Stephens

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