Title Categories
Social Media Guidelines Information Management & Technology
Space Management and Allocation Policy Facilities Management
Special Grading Changes for Spring 2020 Student Affairs
Standard Operating Procedure for the Support of Smudging and Pipe Offerings Health and Safety
Statement on Free Expression Governance
Student Discipline Policy - Academic Offences Graduate Students Student Affairs
Student Discipline Policy - Academic Offences Undergraduate Students Student Affairs
Student Discipline Policy - Non-Academic Offences Undergraduate and Graduate Students Student Affairs
Student Housing Student Affairs
Student Managed Investment (SMI) Operational Guidelines Financial Management
Student Managed Investment (SMI) Policy Financial Management
Student Safety Abroad Policy Health and Safety
Supplier & Contractor Ethical Practices Policy Governance
Surveillance of Public Areas Policy Health and Safety
Survey Policy Information Management & Technology
Sustainable Building Guidelines Facilities Management
Sweat Lodge Ceremonial Procedures & Location Map Health and Safety
Transportation of Injured/Ill Persons Procedures Health and Safety
Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures Financial Management
Travel Fund Procedures Research & Teaching
Travel Risk Reduction Guidelines - Senior Administration Health and Safety
Trespass Policy Health and Safety
Tunnel Mural Painting Procedures Facilities Management
University Drive Billboard Posting Policy Information Management & Technology
Use and Booking of University Sport and Recreation Facilities Policy Facilities Management