Michelle M. Hogue, Faculty of Arts and Science & Coordinator FNTP

Michelle M. Hogue. PhD. (UofC) (Educational Research: Curriculum/Indigenous Education) & M.Ed. (UofL) (Curriculum & Narrative), B.Sc., C.L.T. (UofR)

I have been teaching at the UofL for 20 years, initially as an academic assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and now as an assistant professor and the Coordinator of the First Nations Transition Program. I am with the Dean of Arts and Science office and Native American Studies Department.

I am honored to be asked to be on the People Plan Committee because I truly believe the UofL is a wonderful place to work and believe further developing it as a family. I am excited to work with others to develop and build this and in the process get to know others throughout campus. It is Others and their uniqueness who bring richness and depth to our lives. Having that extend into the workplace is key to a well-rounded life of wellbeing. I am excited to be working on key elements of 1. Enhancement of Systems for Mental, Emotional & Physical Health and Safety; and 2. Provision of People- Centered Systems of the People Plan.

My passions are running which keeps me balanced and grounded, writing which provides a venue to be creative and traveling which offers me a glimpse at how amazing our world is and a window into other cultures. My superheroes (to me they are because they are real) are my three daughters Kate, Hailey and Mady who teach me much about what it is to be human and who make me want to be a better person. My dream vacation is to cycle across Europe, explore Tuscany and have a day to read a book from start to finish by the fire in the rain with a great bottle of wine.

My motto for life is: L4 - Live, Love, Laugh....Lots...

I can say that I am.