Lisa Howard, Faculty of Health Sciences

I am a Registered Nurse and faculty member in Health Sciences. I’m personally and professionally invested in supporting people to experience the brightest expression of their health (in the broadest sense) wherever the live, work and play. I see the People Plan as something that both celebrates the richness of our university and supports the growth of those who make up this community. I am privileged to work with fellow committee members in the following areas: Statement of Intent; Orientation; Roles, Expectations & Development Opportunities.

My interests are quite broad - from sewing to mountaineering - and I have a secret super-power that I prefer to keep a closely guarded secret. My superheroes are the students I teach and clients I work with because they keep me focused on what really matters and they remind me to stay in the present moment. A nugget of wisdom I live by: ‘in the tapestry of life to be, we weave the colors of our destiny; in the tapestry of life we know, we reap what we sow’.