Gloria Y. Tian, Dhillon School of Business (Calgary Campus)

I joined University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus on January 1, 2014, so I am very new to the University. I am based in Calgary, one of the University’s northern campuses. Although smaller compared to the main campus, our northern campuses have been fast growing in particular over the past decade or so. I enjoy working at the Calgary campus, and also very much appreciate all the support I receive from my colleagues on the main campus!

It is a great honour to be a member of the People Plan Task Force, as I truly believe that people is the most important and valuable asset for any organization. I treasure this opportunity for me to contribute to the University community and to interact with colleagues from various departments across the University. I am currently working on the inventory survey, focusing on the Dhillon School of Business (FoM) as well as the northern campuses. Once the on-line survey forms are circulated and filled out, I will analyse the data and report back to the Task Force as to what programs are currently available to University employees and their family members. Together with Bryson, Sarah, and Craig, I will also be working on drafting some suggestions on how to foster collegial interactions.

I grew up in mainland China, and went to University of Alberta for a Ph.D. degree in finance. After graduation, I worked at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia for 7 years. Now I’ve moved (back) to Calgary to join my husband. In our spare time, we enjoy travelling, reading, and badminton & yoga.