Frequently Asked Questions

What is a People Plan, and what is it for?

We want to differentiate the University of Lethbridge from other institutions, to be among the best places where people want to work, educate, learn, conduct research, and engage in creative activity. In order to do this, the University would benefit from a plan to provide strategic direction followed by practical ways to help individuals feel engaged and connected to each other, their work, and the institution, regardless of location, group, or department.

The University's People Plan has four goals to drive it:

  • To foster and promote respect, communication, and collegiality.
  • To define us as a community and set expectations on how we work together.
  • To be mindful of the Strategic, Research, Business, and Campus Master plans.
  • To foster a positive, healthy, and inclusive work environment.

From these goals and the work of the People Plan Steering Committee, the University of Lethbridge will have an active, living, and progressive document: a statement of shared values and a strategy for enacting those values in order to provide the foundations for individual and thus collective success across all groups.

Who are the Steering Committee, and what do they do?

Meet your People Plan Steering Committee here.

The People Plan Steering Committee was appointed by President Mike Mahon, from recommendations put forward by various areas of the university. We were selected on a broad range of perspectives including employee group, service, age, gender, faculty or department, student experience, function, and campus, but also on the premise that its success depends on individuals who have the University's best interests at heart. We are a strong and engaged committee that places value on all voices being heard and considered, while still working together to reach a consensus.

In addition to building a plan that can identify and prioritize the shared needs and values of the University of Lethbridge employees, the steering committee will support the execution of the People Plan. We're not a governing body – the departments and faculties will incorporate the priorities, and the committee will recommend review and evaluation procedures to evaluate our progress.

How can the People Plan benefit me as an employee?

There are many aspects of the People Plan that can have a positive impact on your experience with the University of Lethbridge. While we are still in the information-gathering stage, here are a few possibilities that have already been anticipated by the Steering Committee. The priorities themselves will depend strongly on feedback from you through surveys and focus groups.

  • Programs designed to increase exposure between areas, disciplines, and campuses, such as a University problem solving group, or collaborative projects between faculties.
  • An expanded, cross-campus orientation program for new and established employees, which would review shared values, programs, and supports available to all, as well as the diverse community at the University.
  • Better feedback and response on enhancing systems for mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Ongoing research into identifying and implementing best practices that may be adopted by the University.
  • Improved and increased programs for job and safety training.
  • A stronger sense of community and teamwork within the University as a whole, supporting professional and extracurricular bonds.

How can I contribute?

As the People Plan gains momentum, the Steering Committee will open projects, such as surveys or focus groups, that rely on employee input. These projects will make sure we are as aware as possible of the needs and values of the University of Lethbridge community, and can think of the best possible ways to support those needs and values. Please check our Resources section on our main webpage to see if there are any current calls for input, and check back at the People Plan website regularly.

However, the best way to assist the People Plan Steering Committee is very easy – reach out to your fellow co-workers. The ultimate goal of the People Plan is to provide the foundation for satisfaction and a culture of community at the University of Lethbridge, so step out into that community. Start a club, a conversation, join a class, or even take a tour in an area of the campus that you don't always get to see.

I have a concern that the People Plan Steering Committee might be able to help me with. Who do I contact?

If you have an issue or an idea that you feel could make the University of Lethbridge a better place to work (like a community project or group, a suggestion for a new space on campus, or a concern about a particular support program falling short), you can forward it to and the committee will receive it. Also, if you would feel more comfortable speaking to a familiar face, go to our Steering Committee profile page.