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Landlords and Students/Renters.

The University of Lethbridge Off Campus Housing has been informed of a fraudulent Internet and/or telephone scam that targets potential landlords. As reported in local newspapers and radio recently, there is an ongoing scam which targets landlords of student rentals.

The scam targets landlords who advertise vacancies to students for rentals. Landlord contact information is found in rental vacancy postings by a person whose goal is to defraud the landlord.

A person posing as a potential University of Lethbridge student or parent/relation of a potential University of Lethbridge student makes arrangements to pay their entire school term rental accommodations in advance. If the landlord agrees to these conditions a fraudulent cheque or money order may be sent, which when cashed will take upwards of a month to clear through the banks. In the mean time you may be contacted by the person requesting some of money be sent back for a variety of reasons; some of the prime reasons being for travel expenses or unforeseen other emergent expenses. If you comply with this request and send money you may find that you have been defrauded of your money as the money order or cheque that you cashed has not yet cleared the bank.

Do not send any money to anyone until you know the cheque or money order has cleared. DONíT BE FOOLED and NEVER send any of your money to them; recommended best practice is to tell them youíll settle up with them when they arrive here in Canada.

If you suspect that you have been the target of such a scam or any other fraudulent activity as it relates to Off Campus Housing please report the incident to Lethbridge Regional Police Service at (403) 328-4444 and University of Lethbridge Security Services at (403) 329-2549. Further information on types of fraud schemes and scams as well as other means of reporting this unlawful activity may be found by following the links below:

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