Winter Safety Contest

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Make a digital message or brief video – get it in to by Feb 28, 2019

U could win $150.00

The U of L Digital Messaging Board is our way of communicating key messages. Campus Safety Services and CURIE are partnering for a contest that reminds people on our campus about safety messages about winter safety challenges. Safety messages can be about slips and falls, warm winter dressing, dealing with icy conditions, snow concerns, dealing with the cold, good boot grips, etc. 

Make a brief video (12 second) or message for Digital signs across campus (12 words or less with a picture) dealing with being Canadian and safety in winter

Create A DIGITAL MESSAGE (12 words with picture) OR BRIEF VIDEO (15 seconds)

01.  Think of a creative and fun way of getting across a safety message about being a Canadian in winter.

02. Take pictures or a short video (see rules) and add your creative message of winter campus safety.

03. Fill out the attached paperwork and send to or mail to Safety Services M4142 (entry form and consent)


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