Tutoring Services is Hiring!

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Tutoring Services, a part of the University of Lethbridge Student Success Centre, is hiring student tutors for all areas of study and for all campuses. We are currently seeking tutors to start immediately for the following classes:

  • Anthropology 2010

  • Archeology 1000

  • Art History 1000

  • Astronomy 2070

  • Chemistry 2000, 2500, 2600 and 2740

  • Geography 2600

  • Health Sciences 2700

  • History 2100

  • Kinesiology 2600

  • Psychology 2030

The role of the tutor is to assist U of L students in their academic development through regular study sessions that focus on increasing the understanding of concepts in a specific course. Tutoring may occur individually or in a small group setting. Sessions take place on campus during predetermined times where both the tutor and student(s) are available.

Visit the Tutoring Services website for more information.



Please submit your resume attention Jaime Morasch to the Student Success Centre (AH148) or tutoring.services@uleth.ca. Please include the course(s) you are interested in tutoring for and a working copy of your transcripts.



Jaime Morasch | jaime.morasch@uleth.ca | (403) 332-4668