Statement regarding Scholar Strike

The Canadian Academic Community has been invited to participate in a Scholar’s Strike on September 9 and 10, 2020, to protest anti-black and anti-indigenous state violence and racism. As a University, we stand with all those who seek a world free from racism and the related systemic violence that plagues our world and our community. As such, we support all faculty, instructors, staff, and students who plan to participate in this designated time of action through withholding labour, digital teach-ins, and advocacy activities.

Participating instructors are asked to communicate any changes to course scheduling to their students, and staff members are asked to communicate with managers to facilitate arrangements. Students who intend to participate in ways that may impact their attendance in class (in person or virtual) are asked to contact their professors in advance. We ask that leaders and instructors be accommodating in support of this collective advocacy to bring increased learning, reflection, care and action to matters of systemic racial injustice.


Mike Mahon PhD
President and Vice-Chancellor


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