Remember COVID-19 protocols for accessing the Lethbridge campus

With the Spring Semester in full swing and as we approach reading week, we all need to be reminded about our role in keeping the Campus safe and secure. To date, the U of L has done fairly well in terms of following our safety requirements, keeping socially distanced, washing our hands and wearing our masks, and our experience would demonstrate that our efforts are having a tangible effect on our low numbers of COVID cases on Campus. However, we still have some work to do.

Some are still forgetting to complete the daily health checks whenever they are going to be on campus, so we need to recommit to completing our health checks either on the ULethbridge Safe app or the Being on Campus registry. The app and registry can be found on the University’s COVID-19 Information webpage.

When we complete these daily health checks, not only are we reminded to stay home if we are feeling ill, but the safety team can follow up with you to make sure you are taking the right precautions and advise others who could be impacted by another person’s illness. With new variants of the virus becoming more widespread, now is the time to double our efforts and make sure we understand what our roles are in protecting the safety of each other.

In addition to completing our daily health checks before we come to campus, we also need to understand how the card access system plays a role in keeping us safe and secure.

Coupled with the logs of daily health checks, the card access records can assist us in contact tracing, and that is why we must draw your attention to using the access you have been granted in a responsible way.

If you have been granted access for the purposes of attending a face-to-face class, or any other reason, we are entrusting you with the keys to the empire, and as such, we need to rely on you to follow these priorities:

  1. Please ensure doors are secured whenever you are entering or leaving a University of Lethbridge building. If a door cannot be secured, please notify Security without delay at (403) 329-2345.
  2. Your access is specifically assigned to you, therefore please make sure that you are not permitting access to others when you enter or leave a building. While casually holding a door open for someone is being polite, how can you be sure the person you are holding the door for is supposed to be here? Recently, there have been a number of notable incidents of vandalism and theft on campus, directly related to access provided by the "kindness" of our campus community. Please don’t gamble — everyone who needs access has it already!  
  3. In the event that an access card is lost, stolen or damaged, please report it as soon as possible to Security (403) 329-2345.   Replacement cards will be issue by Facilities (TH101). Please contact them at 403-329-2602 or by email at  

 Should you have any questions, please send us an email at

 Thank you!



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