Parking changes and initiatives for Fall 2017

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Over the course of the past year, the University of Lethbridge has implemented some key changes, and is undertaking some important initiatives, in regard to the parking system. These changes aim to simplify the online process of buying a permit, reduce the amount of time in issuing permits and prioritize parking for those with accessibility issues. Further, Parking Services is working to ensure systems that support accessibility and availability of parking are appropriate for the future.

New software, Automated Issuance Management System (AIMS), is being used to allow for the online purchase of parking passes at the University. This will result in a much smoother experience for users.

With the implementation of this system, all old waitlists will be removed. The previous system, which had an individual waitlist for every lot on campus, has been historically cumbersome and slow. It has also delayed the issuance of parking permits as available stalls cycled through multiple names on a waitlist. The new system has one waitlist, which will be managed by Parking Services for individuals without a permit. Employees and faculty already in possession of a permit who wish to relocate should contact Parking Services directly.  This change will also improve the experience of students at the beginning of each semester.

Another important change to note is an increase in the number of accessibility stalls on campus by converting the current ‘health reason’ stalls. The maintenance of two systems has required a duplication of permit services already offered by the Province of Alberta. Individuals previously in possession of a health reason permit will be contacted by Parking Services and provided with information and guidance.

Work is also currently underway to ensure the availability and safety of our stalls. Lot Q at the Community Stadium has been made a permanent parking lot and infrastructure improvements are being made to install a well-lit walking path with security cameras and emergency phones that connect this lot to the campus. The addition of Q lot increases the number of available stalls on campus beyond what existed prior to the construction of the Destination Project.

Parking Services has also made changes to its overall approach regarding accessibility of our campus. Instead of a concentrated focus on parking, we are viewing accessibility from a holistic view. This approach includes taking into account everything from entry points (i.e. bikes, walking) as part of the campus master plan, working with City on transit scheduling so it is aligned with University activities, and working with University departments to ensure activities include a focus on campus accessibility. To that end, the University has recently hired a Manager of Campus Mobility Services (Parking & Transportation) to conduct this important work.

As our campus grows and evolves, we will need to continue to look at the accessibility of campus. In support of this, we are initiating a feasibility study to evaluate the impact and cost associated with the construction of a parkade on campus. We will also continue to work with the City of Lethbridge and Students’ Union to ensure appropriate and affordable parking options exist for our students. Regarding transit, we are very supportive of the discussions that have occurred at City Council about a UPass and will work with the Students’ Union should the student body choose to implement such a program.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact Parking Services at or 403-329-2603.

About AIMS

Parking Services recently implemented the Automated Issuance Management System software (known as AIMS) to provide a comprehensive parking management solution.  AIMS provides the University with all of the necessary tools to manage our parking operations and has been integrated with third party systems such as Honk Mobile (pay by phone) and Precise Parklink (pay by plate).  AIMS also allows parking enforcement staff with the ability to view all information related to registered license plates in real time, so no more tickets for pay and park users who forget to place the ticket on their dash!  With the support of U of L Information Technology Services AIMS is currently being integrated with Banner for a complete self-service, online parking experience.  An online training presentation will be circulated in due course.  This final phase of the project will be complete in time for the issuance of the 2017/18 permits.


John O'Keeffe | | 403-329-2603