New Preferred Travel Management Program

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Materials Management would like to introduce you to our new Preferred Travel Management program that aims to make travel booking more efficient for the University community, provide booking assistance such as managing cancellation credits, and reducing fees and travel costs.  We have consulted with University committees, frequent travellers and Senior Administrators to gain an understanding of the institution’s needs. A Request for Proposal was issued and Maritime Travel was selected as our preferred (not mandatory) vendor to provide our travel management program. Before booking through other means, travelers should investigate the many benefits offered through our Maritime Travel contract such as discounts for air travel by way of our new participation with the Air Canada Corporate Rewards program and WESTJET’s Business Travel Program, built in preferred rates for numerous hotels and car rental agencies negotiated by Maritime and Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO), exceptional customer service and a wealth of industry knowledge to assist you. Maritime is committed to the success of our travel program and would be happy to assist you with your business travel needs.

Ready to get started? Sign in to the Bridge from the U of L homepage, then navigate to the Maritime’s Concur site: select “Finance”/ “Personal Reimbursements and Travel Booking”/“Online Expense Claim and Travel Booking” / “Travel Booking”.  From here, you will find a link to the Travel Management Program Guide and FAQ document.  Here you will discover the details of the program (costs, how the program works, how expenses are paid and so on) complete with screen-prints and helpful tips.  Once you are familiar with the program, simply complete your travel profile in Concur and begin using the online site or contact Maritime for agent assistance. 

Financial Services in conjunction with Maritime Travel will be hosting Webinars for University staff on using this online booking tool.  Please check our Training page for dates and times.  Please contact Patti Infanti at 403-329-5182 to register or for more information.

Have questions about the program?  Contact the program administrator Daryl Schacher at 403-329-2415




Patti Infanti | | (403) 329-5182