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Have you ever been faced with a writing task—either at home, at work, or at school—that was completely new to you, one that was never covered in any courses you had taken, a task that mattered because its success or failure carried real-world consequences? If so, you are not alone, many writing tasks we are faced with in our personal, professional and even academic lives were never taught to us.

The goal of this Applied Studies course is to teach you how to analyze and successfully complete writing tasks you’ve never seen before, and that you have never been taught how to do. The analytic and writing skills developed in this class will help foster greater success in your personal, professional, and academic writing.


Students will work in the community as well as on campus on topics that include:

  • Transferable analytic skills
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Social impact
  • Community engagement

In addition, students will put into action these skills and foundational ideas to solve problems related to their community partner. A variety of topics will be introduced to help provide students with ideas and supports to complete their projects.


Writing for Life 2018 is

  • 2000 level Applied Study course (APST 2010) or 
  • 4000 level Education course (EDUC 4980)
  • Offered in Spring 2018
  • Open to all majors
  • Minimum second year standing


Are you interested in participating in Writing for Life 2018? If so, register for the course today by contacting David Slomp at There is limited space, so act fast.


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