New Course Offering - PHIL2000A (Basic Concepts in Political Philosophy) - FALL 2019

Are you still looking for courses to fill your schedule in Fall 2019.

The Department of Philosophy will be offering the following:

PHIL2000A - Basic Concepts in Political Philosophy
Instructor:  Prof. Michael Stingl
Days/Time:  Tuesday/Thursdays (10:50 - 12:05 p.m.)

Recommended Background:  PHIL1000

This 2000-level course is meant to be a basic introduction to social and political philosophy, standing on its own or as a preparatory course for upper level political philosophy courses. Among the topics it will cover are the limits of free speech, the permissibility of civil disobedience, and questions of how to fairly distribute economic income and wealth at the level of individual countries as well as more globally. Other topics may include multiculturalism, immigration, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. For each topic there will be several short theoretical readings and a contemporary real-world example to measure these readings against.

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