Message from President Mike Mahon - Supporting victims of sexual violence remains focus

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Last week, the Meliorist ran a letter from a student who shared their story about accessing campus supports following a sexual assault. We have received and reviewed this letter, and while we cannot comment on this individual student’s case, I can say we take issues pertaining to sexual violence very seriously.

In recent years the U of L has adopted a stand-alone sexual violence policy and has created the position of Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator. As part of the development of our sexual violence policy, there was a commitment to conduct an early review, which is leading us to an updated policy that incorporates additional feedback from students, faculty and staff.

The Meliorist published names of employees who worked with the author of the letter. These individuals are passionate about student safety and have been leaders in the development of our stand-alone sexual violence policy, as well as for many related initiatives that occur on our campus.  These individuals act with integrity and a dedicated desire to help and support all students. They are as disappointed as all of us that this student feels they have fallen through the cracks.

We are examining the details of this case to ensure that all students can have confidence in our policies and in the people who are dedicated to supporting our students. At the end of the day sexual violence is a reality that too many of our students face. Curtailing sexual violence and supporting victims is what the University will continue to focus on.

- Mike Mahon, President and Vice-Chancellor


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