Me Too Hashtag and the Politics of Social Media Feminism

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Recently, millions of girls and women used the #MeToo hashtag to detail stories of sexual violence and harassment on social media. In this talk Dr. Jessalynn Keller discusses the #MeToo hashtag as a key example of the ways in which social media is facilitating important conversations about gender, violence, and feminism in contemporary media culture.

Dr. Jessalynn Keller is an Assistant Professor of Critical Media Studies in the Department of Communication, Media & Film at the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on feminist digital cultures, girls’ media, and celebrity. Dr. Keller is author of Girls Feminist Blogging in a Postfeminist Age (Routledge 2015), co-author of Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018), and co-editor of Emergent Feminisms: Complicating a Postfeminist Media Culture (Routledge, forthcoming 2018).


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